Company Introduction, Kihyun Precision

With the technology that opens the future as a table
tennis plastic ball expert, Doing best our job.

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Kihyun Precision is a technology-intensive company with many of the
original technologies in special precision and raw materials.

And it has a brand ABROS.

As the times change, we have secured the source technology for making ABS ping pong balls,
such as a metal mold for balls, plastic resin, and non-toxic adhesives.

For 5 years of development, and after field testing with athletes & table tennis officials for one year,
we prepared for mass production in August 2019.

Skilled technology and automation facilities have kept quality constant, minimizing reject rate,
dramatically increasing the percentage of completion to meet international needs.

We are ready to meet consumers with accurate delivery of the best ping pong ball.

We promise to create a win-win partnership for Table tennis brands, distributors and manufacturers.

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